[Gbif-europe] 6th European Nodes meeting-Reminder

Andre Heughebaert aheugheb at ulb.ac.be
Fri Feb 28 10:37:11 CET 2014

Dear Colleague,

Our Regional GBIF Nodes meeting(April 8-10) is in less than 6 weeks. 
Don't wait to register on our website 
<http://www.biodiversity.be/6thgbifeu/> and book your hotel, if not done 
The agenda is a collaborative effort; please update/leave your comments 
in the shared document 

The Secretariat has decided to reallocate some funds for the Regional 
Nodes meeting and Europe will get 5k€.
If you have trouble to fund your travel to Brussels, please contact me 
and we'll see how to solve that with money granted by the Secretariat.

I'm looking forward to welcome you in the center of Europe,
André Heughebaert
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