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Fri Jul 13 11:16:09 CEST 2018

Dear BelgianBIF members,

If you haven't got the news before:
*"1 billion species occurrence records. That’s the milestone that was just
achieved by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), an
infrastructure providing anyone, anywhere, with instant access to free and
open data about where and when life forms occur on Earth. Naturalists,
explorers and scientists have documented life around the world for
centuries. Open biodiversity data served through the GBIF network
highlights evidence about those species gathered from field expeditions and
held in natural history collections around the world, unlocking it through
digital access for use by researchers and citizens worldwide...*

*Belgium actively participated in reaching this major achievement. We play
an exemplary role in this network when it comes to data publication and
data use. We have been an active member of the GBIF network since its
inception and we have provided more than 20 millions records, 2% of the
billion.. Acting as Belgian GBIF Node, the Belgian Biodiversity Platform
coordinates this effort by mobilising and publishing biodiversity data in
Belgium. The Belgian Biodiversity Platform cooperates with the federated
entities and coordinates the network of 19 institutions. As a result, GBIF
open data has been actively used by Belgian scientists to track amongst
others, invasive alien species and freshwater biodiversity. "*
read more <https://www.biodiversity.be/4388/> on our website
With my best regards,
Ir Andre Heughebaert
GBIF Node Manager at Belgian Biodiversity Platform
+32(0)2238 3796
Av. Louise 231 Louizalaan
B-1050 Brussels ORCID 0000-0002-7839-5300
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