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BiodivERsA Newsletter – June 2017


With the adoption of its first Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and its first implementation plan, BiodivERsA now has explicited its long-term strategy.

[http://www.thibautlochu.com/_mail/_images/1_edito-pixabay.jpg]In early February 2017, the BiodivERsA partners officially endorsed the first Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda<http://www.biodiversa.org/968> (SRIA) of the network, which covers the period 2017-2020. This document presents the overall strategy of the network, and the core and transversal themes that will guide BiodivERsA activities in the next 5 years.

In addition, the partners agreed on an implementation plan for the period 2017-2019, which details their common research priorities that will be addressed in particular through the future BiodivERsA joint calls (yearly calls over 2017-2020). They have also decided to implement a new programme for supporting syntheses and meta-analyses, i.e. research based on the re-use of existing data, based on a collaboration with key European synthesis and meta-analysis centres. They have also reassert their will to promote stakeholder engagement through the whole research process and to reinforce links between research and innovation.

BiodivERsA will remain open to cooperation and collaboration with other initiatives to better tackle trans-sectoral issues and promote the international dimension of research, and when relevant will engage with different European and international initiatives such as Joint Programming initiatives, the Belmont Forum, Future Earth and the IPBES.

In this newsletter, in addition to information on the BiodivERsA SRIA, implementation plan and future activities, you will also learn more about the engagement of BiodivERsA with ThinkNature<https://www.think-nature.eu>, the multi-stakeholder dialogue platform on Nature-based Solutions. We also initiate a new section of our newsletter to highlight the impacts of BiodivERsA-funded projects. This time, you will discover the societal outputs of the BUFFER project<http://www.biodiversa.org/518> and scientific outputs of the LIMNOTIC project<http://www.biodiversa.org/522>, two projects funded through the 2011-2012 BiodivERsA call<http://www.biodiversa.org/101>. Finally, this newsletter highlights the profile of two BiodivERsA partners who recently joined the network, i.e. the Academy of Finland<http://www.biodiversa.org/1193> and the Regional Fund for Science and Technology of Azores, Portugal<http://www.biodiversa.org/1137>.

We wish you a pleasant reading!

The BiodivERsA Coordination Team:
Xavier Le Roux, BiodivERsA Coordinator & CEO (FRB – France)
Hilde Eggermont, BiodivERsA Vice-Chair (BelSPO – Belgium)
Henrik Lange, BiodivERsA Vice-Chair (Swedish Ministry of the Environment and Energy – Sweden)



Adoption of the first BiodivERsA Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda: BiodivERsA path for the next 5 years

The first BiodivERsA SRIA, defining the overall strategy of the BiodivERsA network for the 5 years to come is now available. This final version was developed taking into account the result of a broad public consultation open to scientists and stakeholders. To learn more about the results of the consultation process and to discover the core and transversal themes that will guide BiodivERsA activities for the next 5 years, follow this link<http://www.biodiversa.org/1126>.


2017-2019 Implementation plan: what about BiodivERsA future joint calls?

To complete its SRIA. BiodivERsA has adopted its first Implementation Plan covering the 2017-2019 period. Based on BiodivERsA’s partners common research priorities, this documents gives an overview of the main activities BiodivERsA plans to implement over the next two years, including the future joint calls.

To find out more about BiodivERsA future activities, click here.<http://www.biodiversa.org/1129>


Towards a new BiodivERsA programme to promote syntheses and meta-analyses

BiodivERsA partners agreed to implement a new programme alignment activity that will take the form of a new BiodivERsA programme to promote syntheses and meta-analyses, i.e. promoting better re-use of existing data on biodiversity, drivers, etc.

Read more<http://www.biodiversa.org/1130>


BiodivERsA is engaging with Thinknature

BiodivERsA is pleased to announce the start of its involvement in ThinkNature, the multi-stakeholder dialogue platform aiming to support the understanding, promotion and market uptake of Nature-based Solutions in local, regional, EU and International.

Click here to find out more about this collaboration.<http://www.biodiversa.org/1132>




BUFFER – Towards a new typology of marine partially protected areas

Learn more.<http://www.biodiversa.org/1134>


LIMNOTIP: Evaluating future biodiversity dynamics and tipping points in our freshwater ecosystems

Learn more.<http://www.biodiversa.org/1192>



In the context of its third phase (2015-2020), BiodivERsA has extended its network to better cover European biodiversity research both thematically and geographically.

You will discover in this newsletter the profile of two organisations that joined BiodivERsA in early 2015: one located on the mainland (AKA, Finland) and one located overseas (FRCT, Azores).


Discover the profile of the the Academy of Finland (AKA)<http://www.biodiversa.org/1193>


Discover the profile of the Regional Fund for Science and Technology (FRCT), Portugal, Azores<http://www.biodiversa.org/1137>



Recent and upcoming BiodivERsA publications

• Brochure on the results of the 2015-2016 Call: click here to download<http://www.biodiversa.org/1122/download> the brochure

• BiodivERsA SRIA 2017-2020: click here to download<http://www.biodiversa.org/990/download> the SRIA

• BiodivERsA Implementation Plan (to be published in June 2017)

Recent BiodivERsA funded projects publication

[http://www.thibautlochu.com/_mail/_images/5_signal-policy-brief.jpg]BiodivERsA is pleased to announce the publication of a policy brief by the SIGNAL project, which was funded under the 2011-2012 BiodivERsA Call for proposals.

The SIGNAL project is investigating mechanisms of resilience in European grassland prone to novel climate extremes and aims to identify early warning signals of thresholds and regime shifts.

Click here to read more and download the policy brief<http://www.biodiversa.org/1194>

Recent events

EKLIPSE / BiodivERsA and EPBRS foresight workshop on Nature-based Solutions

On 6-7 December 2016, BiodivERSA, the Knowledge and Learning Mechanism on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (EKLIPSE), BiodivERsA and the European Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (EPBRS) jointly organised a foresight workshop in Brussels on « Social Innovation and Nature-Based Solutions: What research is needed to face future societal challenges and emerging issues? »

The full report of this WS is now available: click here<http://www.biodiversa.org/1196>

BiodivERsA 2015-2016 funded projects kick-off meeting and Research & Innovation Workshop

[http://www.thibautlochu.com/_mail/_images/5_ws-research-innovation.jpg]On 4-5 April, BiodivERsA organised two meetings linked to the 2015-2016 COFUND call on « understanding and managing biodiversity dynamics to improve ecosystem functioning and delivery of ecosystem services in a global change context”: the kick-off meeting of the funded projects and a research and innovation workshop, aiming at spurring new collaborations between the funded projects and relevant stakeholders from the private sector.

For more information on the kick-off meeting, click here<http://www.biodiversa.org/1200>

For more information on the Research and Innovation WS, click here<http://www.biodiversa.org/1131>



Coordinator and CEO
Xavier Le Roux
xavierleroux at hotmail.fr<mailto:xavierleroux at hotmail.fr>
Ph.: +33 (0) 6 31 80 38 20

Claire Blery (Executive Manager)
claire.blery at fondationbiodiversite.fr<mailto:claire.blery at fondationbiodiversite.fr>
Ph.: +33 (0) 1 80 05 89 36

Science-Society and Science-Policy interfacing
Frédéric Lemaître (Officer in charge of science-society/policy interfacing)
frederic.lemaitre at fondationbiodiversite.fr<mailto:frederic.lemaitre at fondationbiodiversite.fr>
Ph.: +33 (0) 1 80 05 89 37


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[http://www.thibautlochu.com/_mail/_images/ce.jpg]"The BiodivERsA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 642420"

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