[Biodiversa] CAP reform: scientists call for the diversification of agricultural landscapes

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Thu Oct 5 10:12:36 CEST 2017

Dear Colleagues,

BiodivERsA<http://www.biodiversa.org/> is pleased to announce the launch of a new policy brief « The Common Agricultural Policy can strengthen biodiversity and ecosystem services by diversifying agricultural landscapes<http://www.biodiversa.org/1234/download>” based on the combined results of the FARMLAND<http://www.biodiversa.org/117>, APPEAL<http://www.biodiversa.org/87>, CONNECT<http://www.biodiversa.org/88>, EC21C<http://www.biodiversa.org/520> and ECODEAL<http://www.biodiversa.org/1079> projects. This 4-page brief presents key recommendations on how the Common Agricultural Policy<https://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/cap-overview_en> can significantly contribute to diversifying agricultural landscapes in support of nature and people, for a more sustainable agriculture. These projects have demonstrated how heterogeneous landscapes, character­ized by a significant proportion of semi-natural habitats such as pastures and field margins, enhance and stabilize pest control and pollination, decrease sensitivity to climate change and can improve yields. The brief further elaborates policy recommendations that would allow accessing these benefits in the context of the CAP reform and beyond.
The brief was drafted by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP<https://ieep.eu/>), in collaboration with BiodivERsA partners and project scientists.

  *   Download<http://www.biodiversa.org/1234/download> BiodivERsA Policy Brief "The CAP can strengthen biodiversity and ecosystem services by diversifying agricultural landscapes »
  *   Download<http://www.biodiversa.org/1235/download> information sheet about competences consulted and work procedure for this briefing

Please feel free to further distribute this brief, and in case of any questions, please contact Frederic Lemaître, BiodivERsA science-policy interfacing officer (frederic.lemaitre at fondationbiodiversite.fr<mailto:frederic.lemaitre at fondationbiodiversite.fr>).

[Description : B07]<http://www.biodiversa.org/1234/download>
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