[Biodiversa] Invitation to participate to Sutherland’s 2019 Horizon Scan for Global conservation and biological diversity

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Wed Apr 11 15:32:21 CEST 2018

Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

BiodivERsA has been invited to participate in a horizon scan exercise driven by William J. Sutherland to identify emerging issues for Global conservation and biological diversity.

BiodivERsA was already invited last year to participate in this exercise. This resulted in having one of the topics suggested through the BiodivERsA channel selected among the final list of top 15 top emerging issues selected among 117 initially proposed through different channels.

The objective of this exercise (which exists since 2008) is to identify emerging topics that are not yet widely known or understood in the conservation community but that could have substantial effects on biological diversity worldwide in the medium to long term. The aim of identifying such emerging topics is to focus attention and stimulate debate about these subjects, potentially leading to new research foci, policy developments, or business innovations.

  *   see attachment #1: outputs of the 2018 horizon scan
  *   see attachment #2: list of topics selected since 2008

For the 2019 horizon scan exercise BiodivERsA will collect and present a number of emerging topics that you would have identified (keeping your ownership on the topic proposed of course).

In this context, we invite you to submit topics that you find particularly relevant for this exercise, together with short rationales (150-200 words max.) explaining (i) the novelty of the issue; (ii) why this topic is important at a global scale, and (iii) to what extent it represents an opportunity or a risk; and providing key references –peer-reviewed scientific papers, grey literature, websites…- in support of the rationales (see attached template - attachment #3).

If the topic you suggest is selected among the final list of top emerging issues, you will be acknowledged as the source of this topic.

If you want to participate to this exercise, please provide us no later than 14 May 17:00 CEST (local time in Paris) with a topic title and rationales using the attached template.

Please do not hesitate to contact Xavier Le Roux (xavierleroux at hotmail.fr<mailto:xavierleroux at hotmail.fr>) and Claire Blery (claire.blery at fondationbiodiversite.fr<mailto:claire.blery at fondationbiodiversite.fr>) would you have any question.


Claire Blery
On behalf of the BiodivERsA network
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