[Biodiversa] New brief on Policy tools to manage synergies and trade-offs between ecosystem services

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Dear Madam, Sir,

BiodivERsA is pleased to share with you the publication of a new policy brief entitled “Policy tools to manage synergies and trade-offs between ecosystem services<http://www.biodiversa.org/1566/download>”, based on the combined results of the CONNECT<http://www.biodiversa.org/88>, REGARDS<http://www.biodiversa.org/523>, TALE<http://www.biodiversa.org/1084> and VITAL<http://www.biodiversa.org/132> projects. This 4-page brief introduces the notion of trade-offs and synergies in the delivery of ecosystem services, and presents policy-makers with science-based tools that help optimize their management. The projects it builds on exemplify the use of optimization and participatory tools to quantify synergies and trade-offs between multiple ecosystem services, providing comprehensive evaluations of demand and policy impacts on these services. They further demonstrate how the combination of participative ecosystem services scenarios with optimization tools allows to identify the most sustainable and desirable policy responses and management options for the future.

  *   Download<http://www.biodiversa.org/1566/download> the BiodivERsA Policy Brief " Policy tools to manage synergies and trade-offs between ecosystem services "
  *   Download<http://www.biodiversa.org/1567/download> information sheet about competences consulted and work procedure for this briefing
  *   Find out<http://www.biodiversa.org/501> about other BiodivERsA policy briefs
Please feel free to further distribute this brief. For queries, please contact Frederic Lemaître, BiodivERsA science-policy interfacing officer (frederic.lemaitre at fondationbiodiversite.fr<mailto:frederic.lemaitre at fondationbiodiversite.fr>).

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