[ECA] EKLIPSE Expert Working Group Report on IPBES Global Assessment

hilde eggermont h.eggermont at biodiversity.be
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Dear Colleagues -

Please see the message below, and attached documents -
hope you find them useful in reviewing the IPBES Global Assessment
best regards,

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Dear All

Please find attached the final report prepared by the
* EKLIPSE Expert Working Group on the IPBES Global Assessment Summary for
Policymakers: *

As you know, EKLIPSE (@EKLIPSE_project
is a European Union's mechanism to transfer knowledge between science and
policy and to support better environmental decision-making based on best
available knowledge.

Recently, European Commission’s DG Environment (@EU_ENV
has requested the scientific community to support the negotiators from the
EU and its Member States to comment on the upcoming IPBES Global assessment
Summary for Policy‐Makers, and thus make the negotiations and approving of
the IPBES Global Assessment easier and smoother at the IPBES-7 Plenary in
Paris in April 2019 (@IPBES
The Expert Working Group includes multiple experts from both science and
practice, preparing materials for the negotiations at the Plenary in
collaboration with the EKLIPSE secretariat and DG Environment.

The final output of the EWG is a *report* for EKLIPSE and DG Environment.
The report is supplemented by *additional materials* providing detailed
comments to the SPM and its links to the full IPBES GA report, specifically:

   - A review spreadsheet compiling all detailed EWG comments to the SPM
   (following the standard format of an IPBES review spreadsheet),
   - A text version of the SPM with all EWG comments transferred from the
   review spreadsheet and suggested in a track-change mode,
   - A text version of the SPM compiling EWG comments related to the topic
   of Nature-based Solutions/Ecosystem-based Approaches, as a reaction to the
   changes proposed by the European Commission.

All documents are available here:

The final report is attached to this email. The other documents are on the
shared folder only. Please let me know if you have any difficulty accessing

We hope this will help your work during the IPBES-7.

Best regards

*Estelle Balian on behalf of the EKLIPSE Secretariat and KCB*
Phone: +33 (0) 4 81 66 23 33 or + 33 (0) 6 41 07 97 06

*Hilde Eggermont*, PhD
Coordinator of the Belgian Biodiversity Platform
Vice-Chair of the BiodivERsA  <http://www.biodiversa.org/>Partnership
IPBES <http://www.biodiversity.be/ipbes> National Focal Point
IUCN <http://www.biodiversity.be/iucn> National Focal Point, and IUCN
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (OD Nature
Mobile: (+32) 473-613675; Skype: hildeeggermont; LinkedIn:
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