[Gbif-europe] 2015 Regional Meeting

Andre Heughebaert a.heughebaert at biodiversity.be
Fri Jul 11 14:53:19 CEST 2014

Dear Colleague,

At the end of our 2014 (6th European) Regional Meeting, we didn't had a 
firm proposal to host the next European Nodes meeting.

Since then, Rui Figueria has kindly envisaged to host it at Lisbon and 
is working hard to finalize this proposal.
The fact that there will be no Secretariat funding grants for Regional 
meetings next year makes it more expensive for the hosting country.
Therefore, I kindly invite you to think about it and suggest 
alternatives funding sources /co-funding solutions.

If another country would volunteer to host 2015 meeting, this is would 
be very valuable as well.
Don't hesitate to use this mailing list to shared your thoughts about it.

May I remind you that the minutes of our 6th European Nodes Meeting are 
still available here 
as a shared document.
I would appreciate your comments/remarks on it by the end of next week. 
Otherwise I will consider that the document is accepted.

I wish you an excellent summer with restful holidays,

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