[Gbif-europe] Datasets needed for workshop

André Heughebaert a.heughebaert at biodiversity.be
Fri Apr 1 16:52:27 CEST 2016

Dear Node Managers,
Please see below Kyle's message regarding datasets for Lisboa workshop.
Sorry for cross posting,

Dear EU Nodes Meeting workshop participant,

I kindly ask you to send me one or more example sample event datasets, 
no later than 8 April (please don’t reply-all).


 1. The dataset must be based on real data - not fictional data
 2. The dataset could be an existing occurrence dataset in DwC-A format,
    that needs converting into sample event format. Please just send me
    the existing dataset’s GBIF DOI if it's already registered with GBIF.
 3. New datasets not yet in DwC-A format, should be provided in Excel,
    or CSV format
 4. Please be sure to include a short abstract about the dataset, plus a
    description of the sampling procedures including the name(s) of
    sampling protocols used, the sampling area, sampling frequency, and
    quality control measures.
 5. Please indicate if this dataset can be made publicly available so
    other participants can see it, or if it should remain private.

Datasets will be investigated on a first come, first served basis. 
Therefore in order to ensure that your dataset(s) receives our thorough 
review, please be sure to send it by 8 April.

In case you are interested, the draft agenda for the workshop can 
already be found here:


Feel free to add your example dataset yourself under the section 
“Example datasets”, otherwise we’ll do that for you.

Thank you for your time and cooperation,

Best regards,

On behalf of the workshop organisers
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