[Gbif-europe] EASIN workshop

Anne-Sophie Archambeau archambeau at gbif.fr
Mon Jan 18 15:25:50 CET 2016

Dear EU nodes collegues,

EASIN has invited GBIFS to provide a speaker at its 3rd ‘enlargement' 
and training workshop early next month, 9-10 Feb, at JRC, in Ispra, 
The Secretariat has an interest in the event and has recently started 
collaborating on getting the EASIN invasive species catalogue published 
as a checklist (still an open item).

Ana Cristina Cordoso, EASIN’s director, wrote to the Secretariat that 
the event will focus on its expansion "by including new partners, such 
as research institutes, national authorities, data base managers, 
experts and relevant stakeholders, who own, represent or manage national 
or regional biodiversity information systems and databases, including 
large scale personal databases.” In addition to interactive training, 
the workshop will also address data standardization issues and protocols 
for sharing information. That is where GBIF comes in, as EASIN is 
interested in a general presentation that shares GBIF experiences and 
perspectives on data collection, quality assurance, data standards and 
interoperability, data format and data updates.

  Like EASIN  is a european initiative, GBIFS contacted Anders and I (as 
European representatives) and it has been decided that Anders will go 
and make the presentation.

In order to help him in this task (he kindly accepted), I would like to 
ask you to provide any information you could have about invasive species 
at national/regional levels , or highlight any 
solutions/considerations/issues around GBIF and invasive species.

Many thanks for considering my request.

Best wishes,

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