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Julien Cigar jcigar at ulb.ac.be
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FYI the Belgian Biodiversity Platform is working for some months now on
an improved electronic version of the Harmonia+ protocol

The ultimate goal is to be able to create new protocols from scratch,
manage assessments, aggregate modules, create groups, etc.

It's still very beta, but testable on http://home.bebif.be/aa/ (tested
only on Firefox ATM), just create an account by clicking on 'register'
on the homepage ..

best regards,

On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 03:25:50PM +0100, Anne-Sophie Archambeau wrote:
> Dear EU nodes collegues,
> EASIN has invited GBIFS to provide a speaker at its 3rd ‘enlargement' 
> and training workshop early next month, 9-10 Feb, at JRC, in Ispra, 
> Italy 
> (https://ec.europa.eu/jrc/en/event/workshop/easin-enlargement-training?search). 
> The Secretariat has an interest in the event and has recently started 
> collaborating on getting the EASIN invasive species catalogue published 
> as a checklist (still an open item).
> Ana Cristina Cordoso, EASIN’s director, wrote to the Secretariat that 
> the event will focus on its expansion "by including new partners, such 
> as research institutes, national authorities, data base managers, 
> experts and relevant stakeholders, who own, represent or manage national 
> or regional biodiversity information systems and databases, including 
> large scale personal databases.” In addition to interactive training, 
> the workshop will also address data standardization issues and protocols 
> for sharing information. That is where GBIF comes in, as EASIN is 
> interested in a general presentation that shares GBIF experiences and 
> perspectives on data collection, quality assurance, data standards and 
> interoperability, data format and data updates.
>   Like EASIN  is a european initiative, GBIFS contacted Anders and I (as 
> European representatives) and it has been decided that Anders will go 
> and make the presentation.
> In order to help him in this task (he kindly accepted), I would like to 
> ask you to provide any information you could have about invasive species 
> at national/regional levels , or highlight any 
> solutions/considerations/issues around GBIF and invasive species.
> Many thanks for considering my request.
> Best wishes,
> Anne-Sophie
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