[Gbif-europe] MOBILISE project approved for COST Action Programme funding

Wouter Addink wouter.addink at naturalis.nl
Wed May 2 15:29:40 CEST 2018

dear all,
you may already know this through CETAF or DiSSCo, but if not:
I have again some exciting news related to biodiversity collections in

Where the ICEDIG project (icedig.eu) has already been funded and started,
now also the MOBILISE proposal has been approved. Similar to the ICEDIG
project, this proposal also received a very high score of 63 out of 65

MOBILISE is a joint effort of 47 proposers from 18 European countries
institutes and will be running for 4 years with the aim to build up a
cooperative, inclusive, bottom-up and quickly responsive network in Europe
to support research activity for biodiversity informatics. Having received
the very high proposal score of 63/65, the COST Action Programme will be
awarding € 500,000 to set up the required network.

Based on the principles of open access and open innovation, the outcome
will involve producing recommendations and best practices for digitisation
of 2D and 3D objects, biological and geological specimens, data management,
data quality control, and publication, in order to link complementary
expertise of information technicians and biodiversity researchers.

MOBILISE is part of the SAP (Strategic Alignment of Projects) towards
establishing the DiSSCO Research Infrastructure for scientific collections
in Europe.

Kind regards,
Wouter Addink

Coordinator research-data and e-infrastructure
ICT Systems Officer Species 2000

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