[Invasive-species] Forum's statement for SOS invasions !

BRANQUART Etienne E.Branquart at mrw.wallonie.be
Tue Feb 21 08:54:58 CET 2006

Dear forum members,

Please find here attached a draft version of a recommendation document intended to decision makers, listing priority actions to be undertaken to prevent and control the development of invasive non-native species in Belgium. This document was prepared together with the INPLANBEL team, on the basis of recommendations from the CBD, the IUCN, the Council of Europe, the DEFRA (UK) and the European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy.

The black list of invasive non-native species in Belgium we discussed earlier will be used as an appendix to the statement. I attach hereby the very last version of it. Note that this listing system will be dynamic, making it possible to transfer a species to a different list and to add new species in the future.

Both documents will be presented as forum's outputs and distributed together with SOS invasions hand-outs. It is basically the message of scientists to decisions makers. As a member of the forum, your advice and suggestions are of course very welcome.



PS: do not forget to use the 'reply to all' button if you wish to reply on the whole discussion list.

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