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BRANQUART Etienne E.Branquart at mrw.wallonie.be
Tue Jan 16 13:50:23 CET 2007

Dear colleagues,

I would like to inform you that a new website for the BFIS has just been launched at : http://ias.biodiversity.be

The major improvement of the new website is the integration of an interoperable database on invasive alien species in Belgium, Harmonia. Harmonia aims at gathering knowledge about species that are invasive in Belgium at present and those that may in the future become invasive and are already present in neighbour countries (early warning system). Collected information focuses on naturalization in Belgium/Europe, reproduction in the wild, introduction pathways, preferred habitats, as well as different kind of impacts on native biodiversity and ecosystems. As far as possible, photographs and references from the scientific literature are linked to this information. On this basis, exotic species are allocated to different lists or risk categories, to be used for elaborating control strategies and undertaking concrete actions in the field.

The system has been launched for a test phase with 100 species belonging to vascular plants and vertebrates. Additional species from other taxonomic groups will be added in the future. Very soon, the possibility will be given to scientists to enter new species through an online form. Data will be published on the website after being reviewed by a scientific committee.

Note that the main objective of this website is to really reflect the activities and the knowledge of Belgian scientists working on biological invasions. Do not hesitate to provide information or digital pictures to feed the system, to propose the addition of new species to the database, to announce topical  events or new publications you have written, etc. Any comment on website contents is also very welcome.

I hope you will enjoy this new website. Very best regards,

Etienne Branquart

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