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>Subject: Questionnaire: Towards an early warning 
>and information system for invasive alien 
>species threatening biodiversity in Europe
>Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 11:08:38 +0200
>From: Tor-Björn Larsson <Tor-Bjorn.Larsson at eea.europa.eu>
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>         Piero Genovesi <piero.genovesi at infs.it>
>To the EIONET Primary Contact Points and 
>National Reference Centres for Nature Protection and Biodiversity:
>Towards an early warning and information system 
>for invasive alien species threatening biodiversity in Europe
>Invasive alien species are a major and 
>increasing threat to European biodiversity, 
>habitats, and economy. In line with the EU 
>Biodiversity Communication 2006 an early warning 
>system is needed to improve the ability of 
>European states and institutions to respond to 
>the threats posed by invasive alien species to 
>biodiversity. Under a contract with the European 
>Environment Agency (EEA) a feasibility study is 
>carried out which includes a survey aiming at:
>-          assessing the existing information 
>and mechanisms for risk assessment to respond to 
>new arrivals of unwanted alien species which may 
>threaten biodiversity and impact ecosystems, and
>-          identifying the main limits and 
>constraints to rapid and effective action.
>For this a survey is carried out which can be found at:
>We encourage you all to contribute to this 
>survey and/or forward information to relevant 
>experts and organisations in your country.  The 
>questionnaire is rather short and simple, and 
>could be completed online in about 15 minutes.
>Deadline for responding is 31 October.
>Thank you in advance for your help.
>Kind regards
>Tor-Bjorn Larsson
>Tor-Bjorn Larsson
>Project manager forest and biodiversity
>European Environment Agency
>Tel +45 3336 7120
>E-mail Tor-Bjorn.Larsson at eea.europa.eu
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