[Invasive-species] Management of biological invasions

Etienne Branquart ebranquart at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 09:49:53 CET 2010

**Dear colleagues,

FYI, a new open access peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the management of
biological invasions has just been launched. More information at:

*Management of Biological* *Invasions *is an open access, peer-reviewed
online journal focusing on real experiences centered on the management of
biological invasions. It admits worldwide contributions on the single or
multilevel approaching scales on bioinvasions management (species,
community, habitat and processes), provided they may contribute to a better
diffussion of technical ideas, approaches and results throughout the world.
Besides the technical and scientific works, descriptive works based in
management cumulative experience of technicians, scientists or institutions
are also considered for publication.


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