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Dear colleague,

Please find below a letter for the IPBES Chair, calling for nominations for
the IPBES Young Fellows Pilot Programme (see also here

May we kindly ask Belgian applicants to keep the Belgian IPBES National
Focal Point informed on their submission (by email to:
h.eggermont at biodiversity.be). As such, we can keep track of the young
scholars' interest!

Many thanks in advance,
Best wishes,
Hilde Eggermont

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6 May 2015

Dear IPBES Member States and Observers,

The objective of this letter is to launch a call for nominations of fellows
for the IPBES young fellows pilot programme, following up on the outcome of
the third session of the Plenary (Decision IPBES/3/1).

The pilot programme is targeting young scholars who wish to gain experience
by participating in the development of the regional and sub-regional
assessments (Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe and Central Asia) or
the thematic assessment on land degradation and restoration.

Selected fellows will take part as contributing authors to the chapter of
the assessment they are selected for. Fellows will attend two author
meetings and receive training to gain an in-depth understanding of the
IPBES assessment processes. Fellows from developing countries and countries
with economies in transition will receive support to attend these two
meetings, in accordance with UN rules.

Contributing authors to the assessments are, in accordance with the IPBES
procedures, selected by the coordinating lead authors and lead authors to
assist with the work (IPBES/2/17). The coordinating lead authors will hence
also be responsible for selecting fellows for the IPBES young fellows pilot
programme in consultation with the co-chairs and the management team of the
assessment in question. Fellows can be selected from within the pool of
nominated fellows as well as from the pool of experts already nominated for
contributions to the assessments in question.

*Member States and Observers are invited to disseminate this call to
relevant institutions and organisations* for their direct nomination of
candidates to this programme. Nominations from a broad range of
organization/institutions are encouraged. Self-nominations will not be
accepted. Nominators are expected to give their consent to the time
commitment required from the candidate.

The IPBES young fellows pilot programme can offer fellowships for the
following assessments:

1) A *set of regional and sub-regional assessments of biodiversity and
ecosystem services* (Decision IPBES/3/1 Annex III
implementing work programme deliverable 2b, including for:

   1. A regional and subregional assessment for the Americas region (Decision
   IPBES/3/1 Annex V
   involving up to six fellows, with a first authors meeting scheduled for 20
   -24 July 2015;
   2. A regional and subregional assessment for the Africa region (Decision
   IPBES/3/1 Annex IV
   involving up to six fellows, with a first authors meeting scheduled 3 -7
   August 2015;
   3. A regional and subregional assessment for the Asia and Pacific region
   (Decision IPBES/3/1 Annex VI
   involving up to six fellows, with a first authors meeting scheduled 17 -21
   August 2015;
   4. A regional and subregional assessment for Europe and Central
Asia (Decision
   IPBES/3/1 Annex VII
   involving up to six fellows, with a first authors meeting scheduled 31
   August – 4 September 2015.

2) A *thematic assessment of land degradation and restoration*,
implementing work programme deliverable 3bi (Decision IPBES/3/1 Annex VIII
involving up to eight fellows, with a first authors meeting scheduled 6 -10
July 2015 (tentative).

For an effective implementation of all of these deliverables, it is
critical to include a broad variety of fellows from various natural and
social scientific disciplines and from different knowledge systems,
including indigenous and local knowledge systems, as well as policy and
technical experts and practitioners. Organisations and institutions
nominating experts are therefore encouraged to promote this
multidisciplinary approach, which is fundamental to the success of IPBES.

*Nomination procedure*
Organisations and institutions are invited to nominate fellows to
participate in the IPBES young fellows pilot programme.

The nomination process will follow these steps:

   1. Nominees will be invited to fill out an *application form* and attach
   their curricula vitae through the dedicated web portal (
   2. The *application form *will automatically be sent to the candidate’s
   organisation/institution (the nominator) indicated by the nominee with an
   email providing a link to a *nomination and consent form. *The
   nomination and consent form invites the nominators to approve and submit
   their nominations as well as approve the time commitment required from the
   3. The nominator and nominee will receive an acknowledgement message
   once the *nomination and consent form* confirming the nomination is

Interested candidates (nominees) are requested to fill out their
application form *no later than 31 May 2015. *Nominators
(organisations/institutions) should submit nominations by *5 June 2015 at
the latest. *Earlier nominations are strongly encouraged.

*All candidates (nominees) should ensure that they:*

   - *Are available on the indicated dates to participate in the relevant
   - *Have discussed the nomination and nomination procedure with their
   organisation/institution before applying*

Additional guidance for nominated and selected fellows is available here
look forward to your valuable assistance in disseminating this important
call, and to your continued support for the implementation of our ambitious
work programme in 2015.

With very best regards,

Professor Zakri Abdul Hamid
Chair, Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

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