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Dear all

With this email - we'd like to inform you on the (recently launched!)
network of national platforms engaging in IPBES
<http://www.eca-ipbesnetwork.org/>*" . *The network brings together the
national platforms in Europe working at the science-policy interface in the
biodiversity arena to strengthen the links between the national scientific
community, the administrative and political actors and other stakeholders
in these countries. The Belgian Biodiversity Platform (IPBES-NFP) is also
part of it (it also manages/hosts the website).

Being one of their current shared issues, the national platforms support
the engagement of their national biodiversity communities in the
Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem
Service (IPBES). Through the *Pan-European network of national platforms
engaging in IPBES*, they merge their long-term experience in the IPBES and
related processes, and provide a common space for sharing knowledge,
resources, opinions and lessons learned regarding IPBES.

Specific objectives of the *Pan-European network of national platforms
engaging in IPBES* and its communication are :

   - Linking national platforms working on IPBES-related issues in Europe
   (and Central Asia)
   - Facilitating the ongoing development of an European network working on
   IPBES issues
   - Stimulating and supporting the establishment of national platforms in
   interested countries
   - Illustrating the organization of the IPBES landscape on the particular
   national level
   - Supporting capacity building and mutual understanding
   - Posting up-to-date information on the IPBES and related national and
   international processes and events
   - Facilitating information exchange and dissemination

The network currently counts seven countries (Belgium - Finland - France -
Germany - Portugal - Switzerland - UK) and is open to other
countries/national platforms.

A joint publication is currently being worked on; we'l keep you informed!

Happy weekend,
Dr. Hilde Eggermont <http://www.ecology.ugent.be/limno/HE.php> - OD
Nature, Royal
Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences <http://www.naturalsciences.be>,
Scientific coordinator of the Belgian Biodiversity Platform
<http://www.biodiversity.be/> - -  BiodivERsA <http://www.biodiversa.org/> Vice
Chair - - IPBES <http://www.biodiversity.be/ipbes> National Focal Point BE

http://vimeo.com/114955090 (data publication activities)
http://vimeo.com/114955160 (science-policy activities)
http://vimeo.com/114955193 (our general mission)
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