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Sat Aug 6 10:24:33 CEST 2016

Dear Colleagues

Herewith, I would like to inform you on the *outcomes of the 3rd
Pan-European IPBES Stakeholder Consultation (PESC-3)* co-organized by
several national biodiversity platforms - including the BBPF.  The main
purpose of the meeting was to discuss and comment on the First Order Drafts
of the IPBES Regional Assessment of Europe and Central Asia (ECA
assessment) and options for improving the involvement of experts and other
stakeholders in IPBES processes. Given the under-representation of Central
and Eastern Europe as well as Central Asia in many of the IPBES bodies or
processes, the PESC conference series puts a special emphasis on the
involvement of and capacity building for experts from these regions.

You will find the PESC-3 report, most of the presentation slides and some
photos taken at PESC-3 at http://www.biodiversity.de/pesc-3-documentation.
The PESC-3 report is also attached to this email.

Regarding the outputs of the conference: The compiled review sheet with
nearly 200 comments on the First Order Drafts was sent to the Technical
Support Unit (TSU) of the ECA assessment on 15 July 2016. The list of
potential additional experts or data sources and events that may be
suitable for future IPBES-related workshops was submitted to the TSU on 13
July 2016.

How exactly these outputs will be handled by the TSU and / or the authors
is not in our hands. Comments that have been produced by a group of people
are somewhat unconventional for the IPBES review process and the entire
issue of how to deal with "comments submitted by a group of people (not by
an individual expert reviewer)" will be dealt with at the upcoming meeting
of the ECA management committee (this is explained in more detail in the
report). Nevertheless, we are quite certain that comments will find their
way to the authors. Moreover, the representatives of the IPBES Secretariat
and the TSU as well as some of the authors that were present at PESC-3
reported that they found the meeting and the break-out discussions very
useful for the further process.

As regards the follow-up of the ECA assessments: there will likely be a
progress report on the occasion of IPBES-5 (in March 2017), and the review
of the second order draft will probably be due in March / April 2017.

Warm regards,
Hilde E.

Dr. Hilde Eggermont <http://www.ecology.ugent.be/limno/HE.php> - OD
Nature, Royal
Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences <http://www.naturalsciences.be>,
Coordinator of the Belgian Biodiversity Platform
<http://www.biodiversity.be/>  (BiodivERsA <http://www.biodiversa.org/> Vice
Chair - - IPBES <http://www.biodiversity.be/ipbes> National Focal Point BE)

http://vimeo.com/114955090 (data publication activities)
http://vimeo.com/114955160 (science-policy activities)
http://vimeo.com/114955193 (our general mission)
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