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Wed Apr 9 12:05:44 CEST 2014

Dear colleague,

The Secretariat of the* Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and
Ecosystem Services* (IPBES <http://www.ipbes.net>) has now issued a *second
call for experts* to help scope, advise on and deliver the 2014-2018 work
programme. Governments and relevant stakeholders can put forward
nominations, from which the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel of IPBES will
select a maximum of 20% of experts from the stakeholder nominations, and
the rest from the government nominations. IPBES will make use of the best
scientists and experts from all relevant disciplines (natural science,
social science, economics, traditional knowledge), and will aim at a
geographical and gender balance among those experts in the delivery of the
IPBES work programme.

Herewith, we are seeking *expert nominations for the Belgian government* to
submit to the IPBES Secretariat. Details on the Call and Nomination process
are provided below. For more information, please contact Dr. Hilde
Eggermont (h.eggermont at biodiversity.be) or Dr. Hans Keune (
hans.keune at inbo.be), Belgian Biodiversity Platform.

*2nd Call for Experts:*

As agreed during IPBES-2, the Plenary has established a number of task
forces and expert groups to take forward the elements of the 2014-2018 work
programme (see attached: Decisions IPBES 2 and Annexes). In line with the
agreed procedures, Governments and other relevant stakeholders are invited
to nominate and present names of experts to participate in the following
expert groups:

(1 ) Expert groups to *scope a set of regional and sub-regional assessments*,
implementing work *programme deliverable 2b*, for consideration by the
Plenary at its 3rd Session, including the following:
- Expert group for Africa
- Expert group for Asia and Pacific
- Expert group for the Americas and the Caribbean
- Expert group for Europe and Central Asia
- Expert group for Antarctica (Nb: Arctic regions will be integrated in
relevant regional scoping meetings)
To promote integration across regions, it is anticipated that a joint
meeting of all these regional experts would take place at a single location
(tentatively set in Nairobi) on 17-23 August 2014, including 2 days
dedicated to capacity building.

(2) Expert group to* scope a thematic assessment of land degradation and
restoration* for consideration by the Plenary at its 3rd session,
implementing work programme *deliverable 3bi*. A scoping meeting is
anticipated in the week commencing 8 September 2014.

*Applicant information/Nomination procedure:*
(1) Nominees are invited to fill out an *Application form* and attach their
Curricula Vitae through the dedicated webportal (
http://www.ipbes.net/applicationform.html); a sampe of the applicant form
is attached. Please use the following details on your application form for
Section B (Details of Government supporting your nomination):
*Type: Government*
*Position of contact person: Belgian IPBES National Focal Point (Belgian
Biodiversity Platform)*
*Full Name (Nominator) Dr. Hilde Eggermont*
*Email (Nominator): h.eggermont at biodiversity.be
<h.eggermont at biodiversity.be>*
*Phone nr: +32-238-3495*

(2)    The *Application form* will automatically be sent to the Nominating
Government or Organisation, for approval. Nominees will receive an
acknowledgement message once the *Nomination Form* is submitted by the
National Focal Point to the IPBES Secretariat (deadline 8th June)

*Belgian applicants are requested to submit their application* *by 26 May
2014 at the latest*, to allow enough time for government endorsement.
Earlier applications are encouraged. All nominated individuals should be
requested to ensure that they are available on the above indicated dates to
participate in the relevant meetings.

Please note that a *subsequent call for nominations of experts* to
contribute to other work programme deliverables (Invasive alien species,
and Sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity; work programme
deliverables 3bii and 3biii) will be circulated later this year. The *outcome
of the first call for experts* (launched January 2014) will soon be
available online for your information. Selected experts will be informed

In the same context,* a Belgian information session on IPBES* will  be
organized on *16th May 2014* in the Belgian Science Policy Office, Brussels
(9 am to 1 pm). This session will help the Belgian scientific community to
better evaluate their potential contribution to the implementation of the
2014-2018 IPBES Work Programme. For more information and registration,
check: http://www.biodiversity.be/ipbes

We look forward to receiving your applications, and kindly request you to
circulate this invitation amongst your networks.

With very best regards,

Dr. Hilde Eggermont,
IPBES National Focal Point - Belgian Biodiversity Platform (BelSPO)

Attachment 1: Sample Form_Application for the Work Programme deliverables
Attachment 2: Decisions IPBES-2 and Annexes
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