[ES] IPBES: 1st phase messages on the assessments (primers)

hilde eggermont h.eggermont at biodiversity.be
Thu Oct 12 18:10:21 CEST 2017

Dear Colleagues

IPBES has now released six so-called 'primers'. These are *short briefing
documents that provide key information about each of the assessments* that
members will consider for approval at the sixth session of the IPBES
Plenary (IPBES-6) in Colombia next year.

There are six primers in total – one each for the four regional
assessments, one for the assessment of land degradation and restoration, as
well as a sixth general primer with information about all of the
assessments as a whole.

Attached, I am sending the English versions as a single batch; but you can
also access the primers in the different languages from the IPBES Website

*I would like to ask for your kind assistance in helping us to spread these
primers as widely as you can*. We need them to reach as many decision
makers, influencers, experts and journalists as possible before the start
of the Plenary next year – to widen understanding of, and anticipation for,
the launch of the five assessments. Done effectively, this should help to
ensure the uptake and impact of the key messages, once launched.

Many thanks for your help,

Best regards,


*Dr. Hilde Eggermont*
Coordinator of the Belgian Biodiversity Platform
Vice-Chair of the BiodivERsA ERA-net <http://www.biodiversa.org>
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (OD Nature
Mobile: (+32) 473-613675; Skype: hildeeggermont
Video: About Us <http://vimeo.com/114955193>
Twitter @Biodiversity_be
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