[Gbif-europe] Eu nodes participation

Anne-Sophie Archambeau archambeau at gbif.fr
Wed Mar 16 14:19:07 CET 2016

Dear European Node Managers.

If you experience issues with participating in the 8^th European Nodes 
meeting because of budget constraints, I would be interested in 
receiving information about this from Node Managers. This year there are 
only very limited funds available from GBIF core funds to co-fund travel 
and/or accommodation for Node Managers in relation to the European Nodes 
meeting (approximately 1000 euro’s). We are discussing amongst several 
GBIF Participant Nodes whether additional funds could be leveraged, but 
cannot promise any availability of additional funds at this point in time.

If you experience any issues please let me know as soon as possible and 
preferably no later than March 25

With my best wishes,
Anne-Sophie Archambeau
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