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Wouter Addink wouter.addink at naturalis.nl
Fri Jan 20 10:42:37 CET 2017

Dear Andre and others,
I like this idea a lot and I think this is a direction in which nodes in
Europe should develop. This has also been mentioned in past governing board
meetings. Since this reporting usually involves species lists, I would like
to join with Species2000/Catalogue of Life node in the proposal.
Species2000 contributes with catalogue of life services to EEA reporting so
there is some experience already. Not sure that we can play a mentoring
role though, because what Species 2000 does is very specific.

Kind regards,

On 19 January 2017 at 17:32, Liam Lysaght <llysaght at biodiversityireland.ie>

> Dear Andre and colleagues,
> I think your idea for 2017 has great merit. There must surely be greater
> opportunities for the Nodes of EU countries to contribute to EU reporting.
> My only observation is, I wonder might an inventory of the three policy
> instruments you mention (Birds/Habitats Directive, Water Framework
> Directive and IAS Regulations) be too big a task (initially at least)?
> Also, because there has already been reporting cycles for the the
> Birds/Habitats Directive and Water Framework Directives, reporting process
> are probably well established within existing statutory bodied.  However,
> as the IAS Regulation is a new instrument, the reporting processes are
> still being worked on in each Member State, and this includes links with
> GBIF, I wonder would it be sufficient and/or productive to only carry out
> the inventory for how the IAS Regulations are reported upon? This might
> result in real and immediate opportunities for improvimg reporting roles
> for the Nodes.
> Just a thought.
> Very best wishes,
> Liam
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> Dear European Node Managers,
> I want to share my idea for a 2017 mentoring project around *GBIF role in
> EU reporting mechanisms, current state and perspectives*.
> *EU reporting on Biodiversity issues is often a grey zone for us as GBIF
> nodes are rarely directly involved in the reporting mechanisms.*
> *The aim of this project would be to inventorize how these national
> reports are made (Birds/Habitats Directives, Water Framework Directive and
> IAS Regulation) and how GBIF nodes could potentially help and facilitate
> these national reports? *
> *In a first phase, each participant will separately:*
>    - *Study national biodiversity reporting process *
>    - *Identify stakeholders and existing data flows*
>    - *Assess the role of GBIF Node in this process, if any*
>    - *Identify new potential Data Publishers*
> *In a second phase, the project will :*
>    - *Compare national processes and summarize best practices*
>    - *Investigate how GBIF could ease EU reporting in various countries*
>    - *Recommend changes to GBIF tools/procedures, if needed*
> If you're interested by such proposal, or if you think it is worthless
> effort, please contact me.
> To all, my very best wishes for 2017,
> --
> Ir Andre Heughebaert
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