[Invasive-species] Your research projects in the BIOBEL database

Etienne Branquart ebranquart at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 17:35:34 CET 2009

Dear colleagues,

The Biodiversity Platform intends to perform a detailed analysis of
strengths and weaknesses of the Belgian research dedicated to biological
invasions as a preparatory work of the “Science facing Aliens” conference.
Research projects entered in the BIOBEL database (
http://biobel.biodiversity.be) will be used to this purpose and compared
with research priorities identified at a European level.

I would like to urge you to fill in the information about your research
projects in this database before March 20th 2009, so that it will be
considered in the analysis I mention here above. Please note that priority
fields (mandatory) for each project in the database are as follows: title,
abstract, key words (should include “invasive), promotor, orgunit,
starting/ending dates, name of project full members and technicians, number
of full time equivalents paid by the project and funding source.

If you have any question about the BIOBEL database, please feel free to
contact Barbara Gonzalez (FR) (02/ 650 65 66,
Barbara.Gonzalez.Galvez at ulb.ac.be) or Dimitri Brosens (NL) (0497/ 35 47 96,
dimitri.brosens at inbo.be).

Thank you very much for your dedication. Best regards,

Etienne Branquart
Belgian Biodiversity Platform
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