[Invasive-species] Graduate Studies Opportunity: ecology and invasive potential of the pumpkinseed in Northern Europe

Etienne Branquart ebranquart at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 09:10:39 CET 2009

Dear all,

Please find hereafter information about an MSc/PhD position in fish ecology
available for June or September 2009.

The project will focus on the potential effect of climate warming on the
non-native pumpkinseed (*Lepomis gibbosus*) in the UK, with emphasis on its
life history adaptations and its ability to affect native species.  Research
will be focused in southern England where the species is present and in some
locations abundant. The successful candidate will have access to artificial
ponds, where he/she will be able to conduct controlled experiments on life
history changes at higher temperatures and competition with native Eurasian
perch (*Perca fluviatilis*). Life history comparisons of English pumpkinseed
will be possible with populations in Canada, France and/or Spain. A genetic
component to the study would be a possibility for a suitably qualified

The successful students will be supervised through the Environmental and
Life Sciences Graduate Program (ELS) at Trent University, Peterborough,
Ontario, Canada, in conjunction with the Centre for Environment, Fisheries
and Aquaculture Science (Cefas-Lowestoft, England). Salary for the position
is $CAN 19,000 annually over 3 years. For more information on this program,
admission requirements and funding, please see refer to the ELS website at:*
**http://www.trentu.ca/els/* <http://www.trentu.ca/els/>

Qualifications for the position are a strong background in ecology, with
courses and field experience in ichthyology, aquatic ecology, and/or
fisheries science.  Training in quantitative biology or genetics would be an
asset.  Interested applicants should send a curriculum vitae, an unofficial
copy of their academic summary and the names of three referees to either
Prof Michael G. Fox, Environmental & Resource Studies Program, Trent
University (*mfox at trentu.ca*) or Prof Gordon H. Copp, Cefas-Lowestoft and
Bournemouth University (*gordon.copp at cefas.co.uk* <gordon.copp at cefas.co.uk>).
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